Digital Painting in REAL TIME - Watch over my Shoulder - Ep. 1

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I want this!

Digital Painting in REAL TIME - Watch over my Shoulder - Ep. 1

1 rating

The MA-BRUSHES and the MAGIC CANVAS are not included.
This Pack is mainly for all the artists that already have the MA-Brush Pack. There is also a bundle available!

Watch over my Shoulder & see me Creating Digital
Concept Art Landscape Paintings

- 4 Full Videos -

I remember watching as a child and a young teenager painters and also my dad over the shoulders while they were painting, trying to grasp just everything they did. They didn’t talk about what they were doing, and in fact I was anyway too young to really understand what is going on.
Maybe this was the real beauty of it all, and this I know for sure, I was always amazed.

Didn’t I learn something?
Of course, I did!.. I was soaking just everything they did up. There is definitely a high learning curve by watching over the shoulders of someone.

Follow me to a journey full of shapes, colors and beauty.
See me, how I’m painting digital Concept Art in 4 different paintings in REAL TIME speed.

Those digital landscape paintings are captured not to be voiced over, but to make it possible for you to see the digital painting process slowly and step by step, and that is why it’s price can be held very low and more people can have access to these “tutorials”.

A helpful hand for every
digital Concept Art Painter

I’m showing you in one video how I’m creating not just beautiful mountains, but also an amazing impasto effect.
This could be surely one of the best ever achieved digital impasto effect.
See also the screenshots at the bottom of this page.

On the other hand you can see me painting nature elements like grass, trees, rocks, mountains, skies, clouds and the sea. So it’s not just about Concept Art but simply about painting nature in an effective way. In Concept Art you can use these elements then to create your own worlds and sceneries.

Be inspired, that’s it all about!

You will get over 5 hours of video material in REAL TIME and without music (so you can hear your own music in the background if you like).
I’m commenting at the beginning of every video the painting so that you can get a first impression about what is happening.

This big pack is especially made for users of the MA-Brushes and the Magic Canvas.
I have listed the MA-Brushes, I’ve used in each painting in a separate file.

If you are a Concept Artist or not doesn’t matter. If you like to paint and you want to be inspired, then this here is for you. We all love to be inspired, and that’s why I’m also doing all this work here.
Surely of course the content of this pack is very interesting for digital Concept Artists, like visual landscape/scenery painters that create illustrations for games and books.

And if you are simply a digital artist that loves to create and paint open landscapes and impressive sceneries to fill up your portfolio, this pack is the right choice for you.

Just lean back and enjoy!

I want this!

4 Full Concept Art Painting Videos

Real time speed
Video format
List of the used MA-Brushes
Digital download
5,2 gb
Paintings in HQ JPG


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